[Xiaomi.EU] MIUI 12.5 V21.1.6/7


New – Android 11 update [Mi 9 Pro 5G, Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite, Redmi Note 8]. Redmi Note 8 didn’t get MIUI 12.5 yet – it’s expected to be released in mid-to-late January
Fix – Swipe-down for Control center gesture wasn’t working properly on the Home screen
Fix – Broken icons in certain apps, like Edge and Spotify [Android 11 devices]
Fix – Dark tint was overlaying expanded bubbles [Android 11 devices, except Redmi Note 8]
Fix – Payments via NFC (i.e. Google Pay) weren’t working [Mi 9/Mi 9T Pro]

System launcher
Fix – “Global icon animations” toggle was missing
Fix – If Global App vault is installed and set as the “-1 screen”, the default App vault was loaded on boot instead

Fix – Couldn’t confirm update prompt

WARNING FOR SNAPDRAGON 865 DEVICES: Certain settings, like auto-brightness or ringtone, might be reset after update.
WARNING FOR Mi 9 SE: After Android 11 update reboot to recovery causes reboot to Fastboot mode – TWRP disappears after update. To do update, boot your TWRP from fastboot mode, flash ROM and reboot to system.
This update is suspended for Redmi Note 9 4G/Redmi 9T, Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G/Mi 10T Lite. These devices are expected to get this update on mid-or-late January 2021, with Android 11 update accordingly.



Dòng máySize
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20ProMI9TPro_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.1 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20MI9T_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.0 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote8_21.1.6_v12-11.zip2.6 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9LiteMICC9_21.1.6_v12-11.zip2.9 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MINote10_MICC9Pro_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.2 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MICC9e_21.1.6_v12-10.zip2.8 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.0 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9SE_21.1.6_v12-11.zip2.9 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.9 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10Ultra_21.1.6_v12-11.zip4.0 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10Pro_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.9 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10LiteZoom_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.3 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30i5G_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.2 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30_21.1.6_v12-11.zip2.9 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30SUltra_MI10T_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.7 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30Pro_21.1.6_v12-11.zip4.0 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK305G_21.1.6_v12-11.zip3.2 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7_21.1.6_v12-10.zip2.6 GB
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7Pro_21.1.6_v12-10.zip2.6 GB


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